Drupal's ECA Paradigm: Vladimir Roudakov's Exclusive Workshop


Scheduled for November 23, 2023, the DrupalSouth Community Day in Canberra is gearing up to host a special 90-minute workshop by Vladimir Roudakov. The workshop, "ECA Deep Dive: Rules Replacement for Drupal 10," invites participants to register for an immersive experience.

Set against the backdrop of the Canberra Rex Hotel, the event promises a day filled with insightful sessions, networking opportunities, and knowledge-sharing within the Drupal community.

Vladimir Roudakov's workshop focuses on the Entity Condition Action (ECA) paradigm, offering participants a hands-on opportunity to explore its intricacies. Attendees must register promptly and secure their spots to ensure active engagement. While general registrations are closed, those still interested can join the waitlist for potential openings. The DrupalSouth Community Day is designed to be a hub for skill development and collaboration, aligning with Drupal's ethos of continuous learning and community engagement.

The event's schedule includes morning and afternoon sessions across various tracks, providing a comprehensive overview of Drupal-related topics. A catered lunch break and a concluding networking social event further enhance the experience for participants. The DrupalSouth Community Day in Canberra exemplifies its commitment to fostering a culture of shared knowledge and expertise, making it a must-attend event for Drupal enthusiasts.

Register for the session to get your personal Drupal instance for the workshop (via email link).

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