Drupal 11: A Glimpse into the Upcoming Advancements

Drupal 11
LN Webworks

The article by LN Webworks explores the anticipation surrounding the arrival of Drupal 11 in 2024. It delves into the key aspects of this upcoming release, shedding light on the enhancements and changes expected in the new version.

According to the article, Drupal 11 will be based on PHP 8.2 or higher as PHP 8.1 is reaching its end-of-life in 2024. This is a no-brainer, as Drupal 10 is already compatible with PHP 8.2. The other benefits it touts include changes in the Composer mechanism, simplification of module installation, and a responsible move of modules from the Drupal core to contrib. The blog post throws a little 'FUD' around phpstan-drupal and drupal-rector, speculating that future changes in Drupal core could render these tools outdated.

The article recommends monitoring Drupal's change records, which is an ideal practice. "You can leverage a dedicated GitHub repository to import and track all the latest changes happening in Drupal core as issues," points out the author. A significant section of the paper is dedicated to dependency updates in Drupal 11, which includes forward compatibility with Symfony 7, PHPUnit 10 support, limiting support to only Guzzle 7, diminishing reliance on jQuery, and forward compatibility of remaining association to jQuery 4.

The article is shallow and revolves around the inevitable. There are no significant prophecies or thoughts put into it.

For those engaged in Drupal development or considering Drupal for their web projects, the article encourages exploring Drupal's evolving landscape, offering insights into the planned updates and enhancements in Drupal 11. Read more here.

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