Drupal Association Interview: Specbee and Michael J. Fox Foundation Collaboration

Drupal Association's Kelly Delaney, the Director of Development, and Nathan Roach, Marketing Director at Axelerant, recently interviewed Sean Keating from The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Jim Barnthouse from Specbee. The discussion centred on their collaborative efforts in developing a Drupal site tailored for a diverse Parkinson's community audience, including funders, patients, families, and industry researchers.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation chose Drupal for its broad community support and accessibility features during the site reconstruction. Leveraging Drupal's flexibility, they focused on improving user-friendliness, especially in making Parkinson's research papers more accessible and manageable for field researchers.

The video interview delves into the success of this collaboration, highlighting how Drupal's open-source nature and adherence to open-science principles played a crucial role. The partnership exemplifies the potential of Drupal, coupled with the expertise of organizations like The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Specbee, in creating effective and user-friendly websites to meet diverse community needs.

Watch the full discussion and insights shared by Sean Keating and Jim Barnthouse in Beyond the Build Episode 3:

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