Beyond the Build: University of Limerick's Triumph in Migrating from D7 to D9

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Kelly Delaney, the Director of Development at the Drupal Association, and Nathan Roach, the Marketing Director at Axelerant, recently co-hosted the second episode of "Beyond the Build: Stories of Drupal Impact." In this episode, they engaged in an informative discussion with their guests, Mark Conroy, Director of Development at Annertech, and Brendan Vaughn, web manager at the University of Limerick.

The episode shed light on the collaboration between the University of Limerick and Annertech, focusing on the successful migration of the former from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. The guests discussed the challenges they faced, emphasizing the compliance and accessibility issues that necessitated the migration. The University had initiated a central platform in Drupal 7 to consolidate various isolated instances but encountered difficulties related to cookies, accessibility, and compliance, prompting the urgent need for an upgrade.

Brendan Vaughn shared insights into why Drupal was the preferred choice for this migration project. Drupal's flexibility, familiarity, trustworthiness, and alignment with the university's open-source philosophy made it a clear choice. Despite the challenges of migrating 50 sites to Drupal 9, Mark and his team successfully completed this part of the project.

This episode of "Beyond the Build" hosted by Delaney and Roach, not only provided a valuable case study for organizations contemplating Drupal migrations but also highlighted the importance of open source and collaboration in the ever-evolving landscape of content management systems. The full episode can be accessed on Drupal Associations's YouTube channel for those seeking practical insights into Drupal migration and best practices.

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