Effortless L10n: Automatic Drupal Translation with Linguise


Drupal users actively seek practical solutions for automatically translating their content and modules in response to the increasing demand for multilingual websites. Though comprehensive, the built-in multilingual module in Drupal presents challenges due to its complexity and the need for technical expertise. Addressing these challenges, third-party services like Linguise emerge as user-friendly alternatives.

Linguise, supporting over 80 languages and employing cloud-based neural and AI translation technology with a remarkable 97% accuracy rate, simplifies the translation process. The outlined seven-step approach, including registering a Linguise account, generating an API key, uploading the translation script, configuring Drupal URLs, activating the language switcher, and implementing SEO strategies, equips Drupal website owners to expand their reach to global audiences effortlessly.

For an in-depth read, visit the blog post Aorinka authored on Linguise.

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