Drupal Core 10.3 Introduces New Access Policy API

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A new access policy API has been introduced in Drupal core version 10.3.0, allowing for the assignment of permissions through various methods beyond user roles or UID1. This new API enables the addition or removal of permissions based on contextual data such as domain, time of day, and user field values, creating a more flexible and customizable permission system. The API's build and alter phases ensure that permissions are calculated during the build phase, respecting cache contexts and allowing for potential alterations before the final immutable object is cached.

 Additionally, the concept of scopes and identifiers is introduced, allowing for the specification of permissions within specific scopes, and providing enhanced control over access policies. The AccessPolicyProcessor and VariationCache services play a crucial role in this system, while the use of Permission Checkers streamlines the process of utilizing the built permissions. This significant development in the Drupal core was detailed by Kristiaan Van den Eynde  on 18 November 2023 and is expected to enhance the platform's flexibility and customization capabilities.  

Read in detail here.

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