Smart Date Simplifying Date and Time Management in Drupal

Advent calendar
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The Smart Date module, unveiled on day 10 of the Drupal Advent Calendar, streamlines date and time entry in Drupal. Created by Martin Anderson-Clutz to address cumbersome date input, it incorporates features from popular calendar apps, simplifying event scheduling by automating end times, offering default start times, and supporting all-day events. Smart Date introduces flexible formatting options for natural language-like outputs, enhancing usability. Evolving over time, it now supports core date fields, time zones, recurring events, and an API for expanded date handling capabilities, catering to diverse user needs within Drupal. Anderson-Clutz’s journey from Drupal version 4.6 to developing Smart Date signifies a commitment to Drupal innovation and user-friendly modules.

Title: Drupal Advent Calendar day 10 - Smart Date
Byline: Martin Anderson-Clutz
Date of Publication: December 10, 2023
Organization:  Published by James Shield 

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