SparkFabrik's Guide: Drupal from CMS to DXP for CMOs

SparkFabrik has released a white paper in Italian, titled "Drupal come asset marketing: da CMS a DXP; Una guida per CMO e Responsabili Digital" (Drupal as a Marketing Asset: From CMS to DXP; A guide for CMOs and Digital Managers), tailored explicitly for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Digital Leaders. In the intricate landscape of large companies, where seamless coordination among various tasks and teams is crucial, advanced software emerges as a competitive advantage. The guide delves into the evolution of Content Management Systems (CMS) into Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) in structured contexts, positioning Drupal as a powerful tool.

Within the White Paper, readers can explore the multitude of features and benefits Drupal CMS offers. It sheds light on why Drupal is an appealing choice for IT professionals, security managers, and marketers. The guide highlights how Drupal enables the achievement of marketing goals more efficiently and equips readers with the tools needed to select the right CMS for their unique requirements. The guide offers valuable insights for those seeking informed decisions to bolster their marketing strategies. To access this resource, interested individuals can download it from here

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