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SparkFabrik is a beacon of innovation and commitment to the open-source community and Drupal. Founded in 2015, the company's journey has been marked by significant milestones and a deep-rooted passion for technology. SparkFabrik's distinctiveness as a Drupal-focused agency is rooted in its people and unwavering dedication to pioneering technological solutions. 

"For over a decade, we have been investing in activities that promote its potential and robustness, be it blog content or events, and we bet on internal training."

Their strength lies in their continual exploration, study, and practical application of innovative concepts in real-world projects. SparkFabrik proudly holds the distinction of being the Italian company with the highest number of Acquia certifications and an impressive track record as active contributors and maintainers. 

"Since its inception, SparkFabrik has been on a steady growth trajectory, consistently achieving a year-over-year growth rate of 30%."

SparkFabrik emerged from the merger of two leading Italian Drupal-focused companies, Twinbit and Agavee, in 2015. The name 'SparkFabrik' reflects the company's commitment to creativity and solidity, which have always been the guiding values of their work and vision. The five founding members, initially active developers, transitioned to key roles in management while nurturing a unique company culture built on core values.

CEO Stefano Mainardi elaborates, 

"The company has been independent and self-funded up to this point; we've reached where we are today through our own efforts. When we started eight years ago, the five founders simply wanted to create the kind of company we would want to work for. We chose to establish a company culture based on specific values."

Transparency has been a cornerstone of SparkFabrik's approach. Their Playbook, documenting the company's organizational aspects, has inspired many within the Italian tech industry.

SparkFabrik's substantial contributions encompass a wide array of projects and features, such as the DDEV sqlsrv add-on, Iubenda integration, SPID, Auth 0 Single Sign On, Drupal Symfony Messenger, Drush pre-deploy, Drupal QA tools, Monolog, and the recent addition of WebProfiler. Furthermore, their commitment extends to actively enriching the international knowledge base, exemplified by Luca Lusso's recently published book on Modernizing Drupal 10 Theme Development. SparkFabrik's robust engagement in the Drupal community showcases its dedication to technological innovation and collaborative growth. Their notable contributions are accessible through their website.

DrupalDay 2017 in Rome, co-organized by SparkFabrik | In the picture,on the left Edoardo Dusi,DevRel of SparkFabrik and on the right Paolo Mainardi CTO of SparkFabrik
DrupalDay 2017 in Rome, co-organized by SparkFabrik | In the picture,on the left Edoardo Dusi,DevRel of SparkFabrik and on the right Paolo Mainardi CTO of SparkFabrik

SparkFabrik's journey is deeply entwined with the Drupal community. Drupal has been a reliable and robust tool around which the company has been built. Over a decade of investment in promoting Drupal's potential, rigorous training, and partnerships have made it the Italian company with the highest number of Acquia-certified Drupal developers.

The company actively participates in Drupal events. Notably, they hosted Dries Buytaert, Drupal's creator, during the 2022 edition of Drupal Days, now known as Drupal@localhost. In January 2023, they organized the Drupal Contribution Weekend 2023 in Italy, creating an opportunity for international contributors to come together and collaborate on Drupal projects.

Many of their contributors have also participated and are participating as speakers in international meetings such as the DrupalDevDays and DrupalCon: in Lille 2023, like Luca Lusso, with the talk "How Drupal builds your pages, D10 edition", Paolo Mainardi, SparkFabrik CTO and Linux Foundation Europe Advisory Member, with the talk "What is the secure software supply chain and the current state of the PHP and Drupal ecosystem" and Roberto Peruzzo, with his Bof "DrupalPod for shiny happy developers," all three iconic figures of the Italian Drupal community.

Notable Success Stories

SparkFabrik has notably impacted various industries with successful Drupal projects, exemplified by the following key achievements:

Caleffi (Manufacturing): 

Caleffi, a leading company in air-conditioning and plumbing components, entrusted SparkFabrik with migrating to Drupal 9. This encompassed a comprehensive website overhaul, integration of a third-party Product Information Management (PIM) system, and improved user experience for a global audience. The website, developed in collaboration with SparkFabrik in 2013, demonstrated exceptional performance over a decade, culminating in successfully migrating the Chinese branch to Alibaba Cloud.

Zambon (Healthcare)

Zambon, a pharmaceutical multinational, engaged SparkFabrik in transforming its web products, unifying 16 websites under a common platform. Departing from traditional CMS approaches, SparkFabrik utilized Drupal as an advanced framework, enabling modular content assembly for content editors. The success of this project prompted Zambon to extend the approach to product sites, resulting in the creation of Firestarter, a Cloud-native platform. (Publishing)

SparkFabrik assisted Il Giornale, an Italian newspaper, in managing its cloud and evolving the CMS platform with a Cloud Native perspective. This comprehensive evaluation covered architecture, software, traffic, and operating costs, highlighting SparkFabrik's commitment to optimizing and adapting solutions for diverse client needs.

When asked about staying ahead in Drupal innovation, SparkFabrik highlights

"Staying at the forefront of Drupal innovation is a priority for us at SparkFabrik."

SparkFabrik stays at the forefront of Drupal innovation through active engagement with organizations like the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF), ensuring they remain well-informed about the latest Open-Source technologies. Within the company, the Platform Team assumes a multifaceted role, dedicated to enhancing the Developer Experience, managing internal infrastructures, overseeing client infrastructures, and offering expert guidance on advanced Cloud Native technologies. This comprehensive approach extends beyond mere testing; it involves the practical implementation of these technologies to enhance internal operations and deliver superior client solutions.

Edoardo Dusi shaking hands with some guests
Edoardo Dusi shaking hands with some guests

SparkFabrik's pioneering spirit is underpinned by a commitment to explore emerging technologies, always steadfastly dedicated to client interests. Their proactive adoption of technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, well ahead of their mainstream adoption, reflects their rigorous evaluation and integration processes. These technologies are thoroughly assessed to ensure they meet the company's stringent performance, security, and scalability criteria.

By upholding this balanced approach, SparkFabrik ensures that its Drupal projects remain innovative, stable, secure, and exceptionally high-performing. This approach allows them to seamlessly incorporate the latest technologies and best practices without compromising the quality of their solutions, affirming their commitment to delivering excellence in the Drupal landscape.

"Scalability and adaptability are foundational principles that guide our approach to Drupal development."

SparkFabrik's commitment to scalability and adaptability in its Drupal solutions is underpinned by Cloud Native principles. Their approach, incorporating modern technologies and best practices, ensures efficient architectures capable of handling varying workloads while maintaining a responsive user experience. Security is integrated seamlessly into their development and deployment processes through DevSecOps pipelines. The Platform Team is pivotal in implementing these principles, ensuring theoretically sound, scalable, adaptable, and secure solutions. Embracing DevOps principles and automated testing, SparkFabrik emphasizes cost optimization through dynamic resource allocation, resulting in cost-effective, high-performing solutions that meet the evolving needs of their clients, both in the present and the future.

Modules Covered

"Our expertise in Drupal is not confined to specific modules; rather, we focus on implementing best practices across the board."

SparkFabrik's Drupal expertise transcends specific modules, focusing instead on implementing best practices comprehensively. Their philosophy revolves around deploying only essential modules for each project, avoiding codebase bloat and ensuring maintainable solutions. Notably, they actively explore and develop their own headless CMS solution to offer enhanced flexibility and performance for evolving web applications.

Their unique approach involves Storybook, an open-source UI component development tool. SparkFabrik utilizes Storybook to generate and catalogue UI components, seamlessly integrating them into Drupal to ensure a consistent, high-quality user experience. Their meticulous module choices result in clean, maintainable, and reusable installation profiles, enhancing ongoing maintenance and fostering long-term flexibility and scalability. Their commitment to delivering efficient, effective, and secure solutions customized to each project's unique needs underscores their dedication to excellence in Drupal development.

SparkFabrik is a technology company driven by a team of tech enthusiasts who are deeply passionate about their field. Their core expertise in technology is complemented by a comprehensive skill set that covers the entire production chain. They excel in managing the full lifecycle of projects, from initial planning and requirement analysis to UX/UI design, implementation, and delivery.

SparkFabrik Team
SparkFabrik Team

Their services are designed to provide holistic solutions to clients' needs. They offer Digital Strategy Consulting, guiding businesses through the complex digital landscape and helping them identify opportunities and actionable goals. UX/UI Design is integral to their approach, ensuring optimal user experiences and intuitive interfaces.

SparkFabrik specializes in Web and Mobile Development, strongly emphasizing Drupal and Cloud Native technologies. Their proficiency in these areas enables them to create robust, scalable, and secure solutions tailored to each client's unique requirements. They also provide specialized DevOps and Cloud services to optimize application performance, scalability, and security.

Methodologically, SparkFabrik draws inspiration from Agile principles, applying them pragmatically. They do not rigidly adhere to a single framework like Scrum or Kanban but instead select elements that genuinely enhance their processes and clients' projects. This flexible approach allows them to adapt to each project's distinct requirements, ensuring responsiveness and agility in project management.

When asked about SparkFabrik's plans and ambitions in the Drupal and web development field

"At SparkFabrik, we have a long-standing commitment to Drupal; it's one of our cornerstone technologies and will continue to be so."

SparkFabrik maintains its steadfast commitment to Drupal, considering it a cornerstone technology that will persistently receive investments to deliver top-tier solutions. However, in recognition of the digital environment, the company eagerly anticipates the adoption of headless architectures as a means to create more flexible, scalable, and personalized experiences, aligning with the demands of the contemporary digital ecosystem.

Furthermore, SparkFabrik is pursuing the integration of Cloud Native technologies within Drupal's delivery cycle, with a focus on enhancing resilience, security, and application performance. This endeavour involves a meticulous evaluation of the Cloud Native landscape for the inclusion of technologies that support these objectives.

SparkFabrik affirms its commitment to contributing to the Open Source ecosystem, aiming to reciprocate the value it has received. In the coming years, they envision pushing the boundaries of possibilities in Drupal and web development, perpetually emphasizing innovation, excellence, and community engagement.

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