Christmas Cheers with Zoocha and SparkFabrik

Christmas Celebrations with Zoocha and SparkFabrik

As the Christmas season graces our calendars, companies worldwide embrace the festive spirit, and among them, Zoocha stands out with its heartwarming celebrations. This year, Zoocha, a Drupal company, curated a jubilant affair that unified their UK and Spanish teams, marking a weekend of joyous revelry in Valencia. (Click on the slider to see more photos from the gallery)

The festivities commence with a heartwarming gesture, an office day dedicated to raising funds for Save the Children. Zoocha's UK office in Hertford buzzed with cheer as the team came together, embodying the true spirit of giving during this season of goodwill. Subsequently, the celebrations ascended to greater heights as Zoocha's Spanish office blossomed into a center of merriment during their Christmas party weekend in Valencia.

The CEO, Will Huggins, offered a glimpse into the prospects of 2024 :

Looking forward to 2024, we know that emerging technologies propelled by machine learning and AI will play an even larger part in the Drupal community and our work. Leveraging the power of this technology across all of our service areas, we’re keen to bring innovation and efficiency to our clients and deliver even greater success.

Now, let us look into SparkFabriks celebrations. It hosted a digital bingo event, uniting both physical and online participants. Amidst the digital revelry, they also embraced analog games, cherishing moments offline.

"As for the upcoming year, speaking about Drupal, we have loads of plans."

noted an excited Annalisa Gennaro, Head of Marketing and Communication, SparkFabrik

 (Click on the slider to see more photos from the gallery)

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, SparkFabrik is gearing up with ambitious plans within the Drupal sphere. Among their key aspirations is an endeavor to elevate contributions, notably by hosting the Global Drupal Contribution Weekend for the Italian community in Milan on January 27. Additionally, they aim to continue advocating for Drupal's adoption as a Digital Experience Platform, organizing the drupal@localhost event—an inclusive, free, half-day online session catering to newcomers and seasoned professionals. They eagerly anticipate the potential participation of Drupal founder Dries in this event.

Another significant goal for SparkFabrik involves fostering more profound connections with the Drupal Association and the global community. While planning to attend the highly anticipated DrupalCon in Barcelona, they also emphasize the value of engaging in smaller, distributed events like DevDays and Camps whenever feasible.

Security and compliance stand as pivotal objectives for SparkFabrik in the coming year. Being members of OpenSSF, they prioritize this aspect company-wide, already making strides in initiatives such as the DruBOM module, focused on the Drupal Bill of Material (SBOM).

This festive season, SparkFabrik and Zoocha extend warm wishes to the entire Drupal community, looking forward to a year filled with innovation, collaboration, and continued commitment to Drupal's growth and security.

Amidst these joyous celebrations, we extend heartfelt thanks to Will Huggins, Hannah O'Leary from Zoocha, Stefano Mainardi, and Annalisa Gennaro from SparkFabrik. We greatly appreciate the generous insights they shared with DropTimes.

Feel free to share your Christmas celebrations with us at [email protected] or [email protected]

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