Drupal Mountain Camp: Boosting Diversity and Inclusion!

Drupal Mountain Camp is leading the charge for diversity and inclusion in the Drupal community with a new initiative. They actively encourage underrepresented voices to participate, promoting a more diverse and enriched community.

The Diversity and Inclusion Fund, introduced by Drupal Mountain Camp, offers complimentary tickets and financial support for individuals from underrepresented groups to attend the event. To apply, interested individuals can fill out a simple form on the Drupal Mountain Camp website, sharing essential information and explaining the potential benefits of receiving the funds.

The Diversity and Inclusion Fund application deadline is January 20, 2024. Organizations and individuals can contribute to a more inclusive Drupal community by sponsoring diversity tickets, becoming a crucial part of bridging gaps and enabling participation for those who might face barriers otherwise.

For more information and to apply, visit here. Join Drupal Mountain Camp to create a more diverse and inclusive Drupal community! 

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