Drupaladas: Virtual Meetup for Spanish Drupal Enthusiasts in February

The Spanish Drupal community is gearing up for another edition of Drupaladas, an initiative that fosters engagement and knowledge-sharing within the Drupal ecosystem. Scheduled for February 9, 2024, at noon CET, this virtual event will unfold on Slack in the #drupal-es channel, providing a convenient space for Drupal enthusiasts to gather.

Fran Garcia-Linares, a notable speaker in the community, will take the stage to discuss the comprehensive integration of GitLab CI with Drupal.org, shedding light on practical applications for various projects. The unique aspect of Drupaladas lies in its informal setup; there's no strict registration process—participants can drop in at any time to join the conversation and connect with like-minded individuals. 

To ensure broader accessibility, the session will be recorded and made available on YouTube for those who couldn't participate live. For those eager to be part of this enriching Drupal discussion, more details can be found on the event page. Join the conversation, share insights, and be a part of the vibrant Spanish Drupal community.

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