Lee Rowlands

Lee Rowlands or larowlan has been on Drupal for over 13 years with over 50 edits to documentation. He is currently working as a senior developer at PreviousNext and has worked in web development, software development, pony racing, Guinea Pig Pageantry, Glitter Mining, Wig farming and Unicorn Husbandry industries. Lee is also the receiver of Trivial Patch of the Month. 

He was a Drupal core committer, Drupal core subsystem maintainer, contributed module, theme or distribution maintainer and security team member. He is a maintainer of documentation guides like Default content for D8, Link Attributes and more. Lee is framework manager for Drupal core from 8.5 and a maintainer of core Custom Block module, Comment module and Contact module.

Lee is a co-author of Tour module in Drupal 8+ and started the #PatchADay campaign. He has attended two DrupalCon events and has helped organize DrupalCon. Lee has contributed Drupal patches, Drupal issue queues, documentation and automated tests. He has helped in the Drupal support forum and mentoring of new contributors.


PreviousNext started in 2009, is an Australian company specializing in websites built with Drupal, a leading open-source Content Management System (CMS). The co-founders, Kim Pepper and Owen Lansbury saw an opportunity to blend User-Centered Design and Agile Delivery Principles with cloud and open-source technologies. They then decided to use Drupal as their core CMS. Today they are Australia’s only Platinum Drupal Certified Partner and are part of Drupal Security Team, DrupalSouth Steering Committee, and Drupal Association Board of Directors.PreviousNext develops web and content ...

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