Bounteous Takes Home Gold at MarCom Awards 2023

Bounteous is celebrating a big win! The MarCom Awards 2023, an international competition for marketing and communication professionals, has awarded Bounteous the prestigious Gold Award. This recognition is like getting a gold star for excellence in the industry.

Out of over 6,500 entries from the United States, Canada, and 47 other countries, only around 20 percent clinched the Gold. Bounteous secured this honour for its outstanding work with ABB Optical in the Medical Website category. They teamed up to revamp an old e-commerce platform, bringing in fresh ideas, creative development, new branding, improved customer experiences, and some research and development magic.

The MarCom Awards are all about acknowledging excellence in marketing and communication materials. Bounteous, along with others from corporate departments, advertising agencies, and more, gets a tip of the hat for their outstanding achievements. Check out the press release linked below for more details on this fantastic achievement.

Title: Press Release: Bounteous Wins Gold at MarCom Awards 2023
Byline: Not Provided
Dateline: 7 December 2023
Organization: Bounteous

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