Kalamuna's NTC 2024 Initiative: Nonprofit Donation Station & Networking Event

Previous years’ conference attendees show booth wall tiles bearing the names of donation beneficiaries: Black Lives Matter, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and Girls Who Code.


Kalamuna is taking a unique approach to its presence at the 2024 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) by transforming its sponsor booth into a nonprofit donation station. This initiative aims to empower conference attendees to direct funds to their preferred mission-driven organizations, resonating with Kalamuna's commitment to social impact. Instead of traditional conference swag, Kalamuna invites attendees to join them in fueling tangible change by initiating donations to their chosen nonprofits over the three-day event at Booth #721 in the arcade of the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon. Notably, Kalamuna will also host a networking event at Voysey Portland on March 13th, providing an opportunity for attendees to connect, register, and further engage in meaningful conversations.

With a background rooted in working on impactful causes, Kalamuna's team emphasizes their dedication to amplifying the messages of socially impactful organizations. Their decision to prioritize philanthropy over promotional merchandise aligns with the essence of NTC, bringing together like-minded individuals striving to create a positive global impact. By converting their presence at the conference into a channel for supporting nonprofits, Kalamuna sets a precedent for harnessing collective efforts to steer resources into the hands of organizations making a difference.  

Kalamuna also enhances its NTC 2024 presence with a unique networking event at Voysey Portland on March 13th. This gathering aims to foster connections among professionals interested in social impact, complementing their innovative donation station initiative at the conference. Attendees must register and have an NTC badge to join this event. For more details, visit the event page.

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