Alex Moreno Announces Departure from Drupal Association and Future Plans

Alejandro Moreno López, Program Manager, and Drupal Innovation Coordinator, has announced his departure from the Drupal Association after a notable tenure. Reflecting on his journey, Moreno praises the organization and its dedication to advancing open-source technology in his LinkedIn post. He expresses gratitude to colleagues, including Tim Lehnen, Tim Doyle, Fran Garcia-Linares, Brendan Blaine, Neil Drumm, and others, for their support and collaboration. Alex highlighted the enriching experience of working and collaborating at events like DrupalCon and company retreats. As he transitions from the association, he anticipates releasing a detailed blog post titled "What's next for (#Drupal) innovation," discussing the progress, ongoing initiatives, and prospects for the Drupal community.

In addition to his departure, Alex expresses his eagerness to continue contributing to the Drupal ecosystem and actively seeks new opportunities to apply his skills and experience. He emphasized his readiness to engage in projects that drive innovation and further enhance the Drupal community. 

Alex's announcement comes as he prepares to conclude his association work in time for DrupalCon Portland in May, where he plans to speak on Drupal Innovation. He invites the community to join him there and looks forward to maintaining connections within the Drupal ecosystem as he embarks on new professional endeavors. Read the full post here.

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