Drupal Community Events Roundup: May 13th - May 19th

Looking to stay updated on the latest developments in the Drupal community? From May 13th to May 19th, a range of meetups and webinars are scheduled to offer insights, discussions, and networking opportunities for Drupal enthusiasts. Here's a glimpse into the events lined up for the upcoming week.

Free Tech Happy Hour Meet-up - NYC

A Free Happy Hour Tech Meet-up will be held in New York City on May 13, 2024, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT. The event, primarily aimed at professionals from the tech, UX, and higher education communities, offers a fantastic opportunity for attendees to network and discuss industry trends.

Drupal Meetup Tokyo: May 2024

On May 15, 2024, Tokyo's Drupal community gathers for an on-site event in Shibuya featuring Michael Richardson from Australia. Attendees can expect presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities, with Richardson sharing insights from the 2024 Drupal Development Survey. Entry fee: 500 yen

A11yTalks - Open Source Accessibility NOW!

The presentation, "Open Source Accessibility NOW," will be part of A11yTalks, featuring Blake Bertuccelli as the presenter. It is scheduled for 15th May 2024 at 12 P.M. ET. The focus will be on the relationship between open-source and accessibility communities, highlighting existing solutions and advocating for the development of new ones.

A11yTalks - Improving Accessibility through Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs)

Join A11yTalks on May 16, 2024, at 12 PM (ET) for an insightful discussion on "Improving Accessibility through Leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs)." Discover how LLMs are revolutionizing digital inclusion efforts by automating accessibility tasks such as generating image descriptions, providing real-time closed captions, and translating content into multiple languages.

Acquia Webinar: The Hidden Cost of Ignoring Digital Accessibility

Acquia will host a webinar titled "The Hidden Cost of Ignoring Digital Accessibility: How to Win More Customers, Boost Retention, and Increase Loyalty" on Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 10:30 pm GMT +0530.

The webinar aims to highlight the importance of digital accessibility for businesses in today's digital landscape. According to WebAIM's 2024 report, 95.9% of home pages exhibited failures to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 standards, indicating a widespread issue.

Webinar: Web Accessibility Q&A: Simplicity, Testing, and Remediation

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 1:00 pm EDT, Lullabot, along with DubBot and Iowa's Department for the Blind, will host a webinar on web accessibility. This event aims to address common issues affecting individuals with disabilities and will cover topics such as simplicity, testing, and remediation. Attendees are encouraged to bring their questions and join the discussion to enhance web accessibility for all users.

Waterloo Region DUG May Meetup: Advanced Pantheon case study (Hybrid)

Join the Waterloo Region DUG on May 16, 2024, at 09:00 EDT for their May Meetup, featuring discussions on "University of Waterloo site management" and "Hacking your Hosting." This hybrid event will take place at the University of Waterloo, Hagey Hall rm 119, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. Kicking off the meeting with introductions, attendees will delve into topics such as DrupalCon, occurring from May 5-9. Don't miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and engage with fellow Drupal enthusiasts!

Nebraska Drupal Meetup

On May 16, 2024, at 08:30 CDT, the Nebraska Drupalers are reconvening for their bi-monthly gathering, dedicated to exploring all things Drupal and Drupal-adjacent. Whether returning from Drupalcon in Portland, participating in other Drupal camps like Midcamp and Florida Drupal Camp, or navigating the migration to Drupal 10, members of all backgrounds and roles within the Drupal community are welcome to join. This inclusive meetup promises engaging discussions and networking opportunities for Drupal enthusiasts of all levels of experience and interest.

Drupal Meetup Bangalore - May 2024

The Drupal Bangalore User Group (D-BUG) is set to host its monthly meetup on Saturday, May 18, 2024. This event serves as a platform for enthusiasts to gather and discuss topics related to Drupal, web technologies, and the broader landscape of modern technology.

DrupalCamp Poland 2024

Join Poland's largest conference on the Drupal CMS system on 18 May 2024 at 06:30 CEST! Meet other developers and specialists from the IT industry, learn more about tools and trends in Drupal and PHP, and develop business and marketing skills.

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