Dominique De Cooman Shares Insights and Predictions from DrupalCon Portland

Dominique at DrupalCon

Dominique De Cooman, founder, CTO, and co-CEO of Dropsolid, shares insights from DrupalCon Portland 2024 on LinkedIn, emphasizing the significant moments and opportunities for Drupal and Digital Experience Platforms (DXP). Dropsolid debuts its booth in the US, signaling a robust market for Drupal and open DXP solutions. A key highlight is the announcement of the Starshot project, which Dropsolid commits to supporting, poised to enhance Drupal's capabilities as a premier experience builder unmatched by other platforms.

Dominique highlights a session about the integration of Drupal and Mautic, noting the potential for Mautic to expand in the US and effectively complement Drupal. Summits focusing on non-profit, healthcare, government, and higher education sectors provided insights into the industry-specific challenges and how Drupal uniquely addresses these with its DXP solutions. 

Dominique De Cooman during his session
Dominique De Cooman during his session at DrupalCon Portland 2024| Source: LinkedIn

He expresses confidence in the Drupal ecosystem's progress towards delivering a stronger product and value proposition. Drupal's unique architecture not only facilitates ambitious projects like Starshot but also supports sustainable building practices that prevent vendor lock-in and ensure accessibility and future-proofing across various demographics.

Dropsolid booth
Dropsolid booth at DrupalCon Portland 2024.| Source: LinkedIn

Dominique predicts a shift towards more strategic digital experience projects rather than mere website development, as Drupal's advancements will likely free up time and budget for broader digital strategy implementations. He anticipates that Drupal will reduce the necessity for extensive developer input, empower users with automated configurations, and significantly cut implementation costs, positioning Drupal competitively in midsize and lower enterprise markets. He also envisions developers focusing more on integration and collaboration with marketing specialists, moving away from competing over custom page builder modules.

The post concludes with a note of thanks to Tim Doyle and Jitka Pilar from the Drupal Association for their support in making Dropsolid's participation successful and memorable. Dominique also hopes to rejoin the Drupal Community in Atlanta in 2025. Read the full post here.

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