Drupal Launches IXP Fellowship Initiative Survey to Support Inexperienced Developers

Drupal Launches IXP Fellowship Initiative Survey to Support Inexperienced Developers

The Drupal community, known for its collaborative spirit and commitment to fostering new talent, has launched a survey for the IXP Fellowship Initiative. This initiative aims to support inexperienced Drupal developers, helping them transition from training to practical, real-world projects. The survey seeks to define the core competencies required for an IXP (Inexperienced) developer and gather input from the community on what skills are essential for this entry-level tier.

The IXP Fellowship Initiative is a community-driven effort designed to incentivise companies to mentor and guide new developers at the start of their Drupal careers. Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals who have undergone training but lack hands-on experience, the initiative focuses on bridging this gap by leveraging the contribution credit system. This system, already successful in acknowledging contributions within the Drupal community, will now be used to benefit newcomers, encouraging companies to invest in training and supporting inexperienced developers.

The survey is a critical step in this process, aiming to establish a clear set of competencies for IXP developers. Community members can help shape the standards and expectations for this new tier of developers by participating, ensuring they are well-prepared to join development teams and contribute effectively to Drupal projects. The survey results will inform the initiative's goals and the structured training programs that support the growth and integration of new talent within the Drupal ecosystem.

This initiative is part of a broader effort to recognize and support training initiatives like drupaleros.es, Discover Drupal, and the Drupal Career Online program by DrupalEasy. These programs play a vital role in nurturing the next generation of Drupal experts. The Drupal Association's ongoing efforts to promote Drupal and increase adoption, highlighted at DrupalCon Lille 2023, align with the goals of the IXP Fellowship Initiative, further strengthening the community's commitment to fostering new talent.

The survey can be accessed through this link, and more details about the IXP Fellowship Initiative can be accessed through the Drupal community's platforms, inviting all members to participate and share their insights.

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