Drupal Association Launches Local Associations Initiative

 Drupal Association Launches Local Associations Initiative

The Drupal Association has announced the launch of a new initiative to empower local Drupal communities worldwide. Led by Programs Manager Joi Garrett, the Local Associations Initiative is designed to support the success of Drupal Local Associations by engaging directly with community leaders who promote the Drupal project in their regions.

The core objective of the initiative is to foster meaningful connections among local leaders. Recognizing the unique challenges these leaders face, the initiative will host a series of virtual meetings to provide a platform for leaders to share their experiences, successes, and challenges. These sessions aim to offer valuable insights into the state of various local associations and to help strengthen the global Drupal community.

One of the key aspects of the Local Associations Initiative is understanding the diverse needs of local associations. Through open dialogue in the virtual meetings, common needs will be identified and prioritized. The Drupal Association is committed to facilitating a collaborative environment to support the most pressing issues faced by community leaders, ultimately finding solutions that drive success.

Local association leaders are invited to participate in this initiative and attend the virtual meetings. Their insights and contributions are considered important in the effort to strengthen the global Drupal community. Announcements about the upcoming virtual meetings will be made soon, and the initiative aims to foster a collaborative environment where the global community feels more connected and supported.

Once the virtual meetings have concluded, the findings and future plans will be discussed during DrupalCon Barcelona 2024. The Drupal Association has been collecting contact information from local association leaders over the past few months and encourages those who wish to be included to fill out the provided form.

The initiative will begin on various continents as per the list provided except for Europe where it is already initiated working with NEDA.

Expected start of Local associations meetup in continents

This staggered rollout ensures that the initiative can cater to the specific needs of each region effectively.

Joi Garrett, along with the Drupal Association, expresses gratitude to the local leaders for their integral role in the community. They look forward to collaborating with these leaders to make the Local Associations Initiative a success. More details about the initiative can be found on the Drupal Association blog.

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