Smart Date 4.1 Released with Drupal 11 Compatibility and Enhanced Features

Smart Date 4.1 Released with Drupal 11 Compatibility and Enhanced Features

The latest version of the Smart Date module, 4.1, has been officially released, marking a significant milestone exactly one year after the first stable release of version 4.0. Led by Martin Anderson-Clutz, this update brings a host of improvements and new functionalities, making it ready for Drupal 11. One notable enhancement involves the use of the new deprecationHelper class, which ensures the module remains compatible with the latest Drupal versions while supporting older ones. This development was aided by contributions from the Drupal community, particularly Matt Glaman, whose assistance at Midcamp 2024 was pivotal.

In addition to enhanced compatibility, Smart Date 4.1 introduces new views operators for the module's upgraded Date Filter, a feature inspired and largely implemented by Jurgen Haas. This functionality, designed to simplify complex scheduling needs, is particularly beneficial for applications requiring intricate date management, such as pet boarding services. The update also sees the adoption of Gitlab CI, thanks to efforts from Ben Stallings and James Shields, along with rigorous code refinements using PHPStan, which identified and rectified several issues in the existing codebase.

The release also addresses the longstanding Year 2038 problem and increases duration storage capacity, allowing events spanning over 4,000 years to be managed. With these updates, Smart Date continues to set a high standard for date and time management in Drupal, offering new configuration kits and improved validation, theme, and formatting options. The developers encourage users to explore the new version and contribute suggestions for future enhancements. The latest update, version 4.1.3, was released on May 21, 2024. For more detailed information, visit the module's page on

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