CivicActions Takes the Accessibility Pledge


CivicActions on Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) has taken the Accessibility pledge and follows the accessibility guidelines. They recognize that the digital world is the operational hub for critical human services and by safeguarding and committing to an accessible digital future, they can ensure more people can get the help they need, and service-providers can readily engage.

CivicActions has established introduction to Accessibility as part of employee onboarding, 
CivicActions Global Accessibility Community of Practice, inclusive agile development process, Accessibility Champions Program and annual engagement in events like Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). They will also use Free and Open Source Software Products like site-wide accessibility monitoring tools and the OpenACR project to advance their accessibility maturity.

To reaffirm their commitment to digital accessibility they pledge to build and maintain digital tools with the following guidelines:

1. Their work will be continuously monitored.

  • Integrate best of breed accessibility testing into their continuous integration processes
  • Ensure all developers and designers start using accessibility tools in their editors
  • Automated site-wide testing and historical analysis will be used
  • Site-wide test scores and improvement targets will be incorporated into agile process
  • Manual testing will be done alongside automated testing to catch issues that automated testing cannot evaluate
  • Testing with users with disabilities where possible to see that people with lived experience evaluate critical tasks
  • Incorporate structured WCAG-EM evaluations into contractual annual reviews with our clients

2. Upon onboarding, they will inform their teams, partners, and clients about why accessibility is important and set collective priorities.

  • They will define and document success for accessibility in Human Centered Design, Customer Experiences and Section 508 compliance, among other priorities
  • These agreed-to accessibility priorities will be incorporated into their Project Charters and regularly reviewed by their team
  • They will have designated accessibility champions on all projects and work to have IAAP Certified and/or DHS 508 Certified staff

3. As a company, CivicActions will set annual goals and report against them publicly on

  • Strive for no accessibility errors as much as can be identified through their automated testing process
  • Document process for choosing representative sample of pages for reviews
  • Detail what testing processes have been set up for each projects and what common code has been shared


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