SFDUG July on Drupal Views


Join the San Francisco Drupal User Group (SFDUG) on July 15th 2022 to network, co-work and socialize with fellow Drupal users. The virtual session sponsored by Kanopi Studios will include networking and socializing, 'Your Dose of Drupal Dialogue', Drupal news, jobs in SF Bay Area and session on Drupal views.

Mauricio Dinarte, Drupal and ReactJS Developer, will present on 'Drupal Views by Example'. In his presentation, you will see examples of common use cases for Views. Along the way, you will learn how to work with the Views UI. You will also leverage other Drupal site building concepts to create custom content listings.

Drupal views are a flexible and dynamic way to list of information on your site. That can be nodes, users, comments, taxonomy terms, files, and more. Views scan your website using any criteria you specify and present the results in the format of your choice. For example, a HTML table, a RSS feed, a PDF document, a CSV document, an interactive map, an image slideshow, or a JSON representation to be used as a REST endpoint.

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