ECA: Event-Condition-Action is Stable with 100 Active Installs


A month after ECA: Event-Condition-Action RC1 release and a few days after the ECA 1.0.0 publication, it is stable with 100 active installs. The module has received alot of positive response on social media as the idea for creating this module was to reduce the need for custom modules and provide a “Rules” for Drupal 9 and above.

ECA 1.0.0 was published as a module Project on 22nd July 2022. According to LakeDrops, built from scratch in Drupal 9, ECA leverages all the Symfony and Drupal core APIs for events. The module processes any number of ECA models and performs conditional actions on literally anything available inside a Drupal site. ECA provides full access to all of Drupal's power from within a simple and easy-to-use UI. You can do anything from simple field validations, tampering, sending emails, to something more complex models with loops, custom events, caching and stateful actions.

ECA was created on July 22nd 2021 by Jürgen Haas. The logo of ECA was created by Nico Grienauer and the supporting organizations for this module are LakeDrops and OpenCampus GmbH.


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