Drupal Mountain Camp 2022 to be Held in June

11 May, 2022
Drupal Mountain Camp

The third Drupal Mountain Camp will be held from 23rd to 26th June 2022 in Davos, Switzerland. The session will have workshops, sprints, keynote speakers and much more. Baddy Sonja Breidert and Gábor Hojtsy will be giving keynotes on Company Contribution and State of Drupal 10 respectively.

As Davos and Switzerland is globally known for its mountains and activities throughout the year, you can expect hiking, sunbathing, and more! The camp will also have a ‘Lego Serious Play Workshop’ session by Michi Mauch and ECA (Event - Condition - Action): New Rules Engine For Drupal 9+ by Jürgen Haas.

The proposed session includes topics like Layout Paragraphs, themes, Drupal forms, community building, multi-site management, accessibility, Cypress, automated testing and more.

Platform.sh is the Diamond sponsor for the Drupal Mountain Camp and Infomaniak and Amazee.io are the Gold sponsors. MD Systems, Hostpoint, Liip, Soul Media, Iqual, Netnode, UNIC, Lakedrops, Cyon and Happy Coding are the Silver sponsors.

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