Editor's Pick

  • Leading the Way: Ruth Cheesley's Journey with Mautic

    In a conversation with The DropTimes, Ruth Cheesley, the esteemed Mautic Project Lead, delves into her journey from beneficiary to influential contributor within the open-source community. Sharing insights into her path, she recounts pivotal moments that led her to Mautic and discusses the project's evolution, community engagement, and future aspirations. With a focus on inclusivity and collaboration, Ruth offers valuable advice for those seeking to embark on their own open-source endeavours.
  • Contribution Health Dashboards: A Conversation with Alex Moreno

    Gain an in-depth understanding of the newly developed Contribution Health Dashboards as Alex Moreno,
    The program Manager and Drupal Innovation Coordinator at the Drupal Association discuss CHD development, technological underpinnings, and potential impact on the global diversity of the Drupal community. Discover the challenges faced, future steps, and how the Drupal community can contribute to the dashboards' enhancement.

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