Creating Drupalcode Projects: Drupal ATS by Esteemed

Have you ever wanted to create an official community-contributed Drupal module, but didn't know how to start? Compared to just creating a GitHub repo, DrupalCode projects can seem so intimidating!

In this session, Esteemed Director of Engineering Matt Obert will explain how Esteemed decided to sponsor the Drupal ATS project, an open-source Applicant Tracking System built on Drupal, extending the data model of RedHen CRM.

Applicant Tracking Systems are closely related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, but they are tuned to facilitate a screening and hiring workflow. Organizations can benefit from utilizing ATS systems to create and post job openings, collect and organize job applications, and evaluate the best candidates for each open role.

In this talk, you'll learn about:

  • Code Management: how to take an idea from a Project description, to a in a DrupalCode repo, to a development branch, to your first official tagged release
  • Code Architecture: when to extend a Class, when to implement an Interface, and when to just use configuration YAML
  • Herding Cats: how to motivate developers to contribute to your project, and how to leverage Drupal's Issue Queues for project management

Individuals can contribute to the ATS project to gain valuable experience and community contribution credits, enhancing their profile and helping them to level up their careers. This helps the Drupal community as a whole by creating opportunities for junior developers like those in the Drupal Association's Discover Drupal program, and encouraging upstream contributions to RedHen CRM and other related projects.

Audience Level: Beginner | Topic: Developer | Timeslot: 3:00 - 3:45 PM | Conf Day: Session Day 2022 | RoomMassachusetts

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