How to Create and Maintain Healthy Communities: The Importance of Psychological Safety

The backbone of Open Source, and specifically Drupal, is a diverse, engaged, collaborative, and innovative global community. We use the term "community" often, and we  usually mean the people who work in Drupal. But what is the broader implication and importance of this word? 

In sociology, a community is a group who follows a social structure within a society (culture, norms, values, status) and they may be bound by a sense of belonging sustained across time and space. 

This session will engage attendees on the key components of creating and sustaining health communities: 
- A core value set 
- Psychological safety for those most vulnerable 
- Restorative justice in conflict resolution 
- Robust systems of accountability 
- Communication norms and boundaries 
The successful implementation of these components is essential to ensuring contributors who join our community are supported, affirmed, and long-lasting.

This session appeals to all attendees, regardless of industry! Participants who are invested in the health, safety, and longevity of the Drupal Project and Community will get the most out of this session. This session was presented in July for A11y Talks, and I regularly update and improve the information and activities. I'd love the present this session to an in-person audience as I believe the collaboration will look different for participants. 

Audience Level: Beginner | Topic: Being Human | Timeslot: 9:00 - 9:45 AM | Conf Day: Session Day 2022 | Room: Maine

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