Nikki Flores Elected as Drupal Association's Newest At-Large Board Member

Nikki Flores

Nikki Flores, aka Monica Flores, has been declared the winner of the recently concluded election to the At-Large position of the Board of Directors of the Drupal Association (DA). 

Known by her DA handle, @monicadear, Nikki is a Technical Project Manager and co-owner at Lullabot. You can read more about her here

The total number of voters eligible to vote was 2617, and the elections saw only a 30% voter turnout. It meant a total of 788 votes were polled. Interestingly, this is a 50% rise in voter participation from 2021, with 145 eligible voters added to the voting pool. An additional 10% of eligible voters voted in this election from 2021. 

Under Approval Voting, each voter can give a vote to one or more candidates. Nikki won by a margin of 7 votes from her nearest opponent, Adam Bergstein of Redhat. While Nikki Flores gathered 372 votes, Adam Bergstein got 365. That was a close shave. 

There were six candidates in total whose nominations were accepted to the polls. Mark Dorison finished third with 241 votes, John Doyle with 171 votes, Easaya Jokonya with 153 votes, and Bhavin Joshi with 140 votes. 

The Drupal Association Board unanimously ratified these voting results.

“I am so grateful and feel truly honored for the opportunity to serve as your At-Large Board Member, and I pledge to bring all of my skills and talents to the role. For the next two years, I’ll plan to work closely with the other board members, the association staff, the community, and all of you to make as many incremental improvements as possible. Part of the reason why I submitted my nomination is to make sure that people know that even without tremendous prior Drupal experience, it is still possible to make a measurable difference. I encourage you to help me and help our community — and the code that helps all of our projects move forward — by getting involved at You belong to the Drupal community,”

said Nikki while accepting her position. 

The Drupal Association (DA) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the Drupal project, fostering the community, and accelerating its growth. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the effective governance of fiscally sound programs as well as the strategic direction of the organization. 

There are two At-Large positions on the Association Board of Directors - positions that are self-nominated and elected by the membership of the Drupal Association. Each year, one of those positions is up for election, and the association looks for candidates from the community to nominate themselves. The At-large Director position is specifically designed to ensure community representation on the Drupal Association board. 

The polling was open from 21 September 2022 at 00:00 UTC to 19 October 23:59 UTC. Board ratification was supposed to be over between 20-31 October, and the results should have been announced on 01 November. But it got ratified and presented only on 04 November. 

Board terms begin on 1 November each year.

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