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Birkenhead ParkĀ 

LocalGov Drupal took to Twitter on January 16, 2023, announcing another council recently launching their New LocalGov Drupal website.

The Wirral Council of Wirral, Merseyside, England, now uses thisĀ Drupal ProjectĀ to ensure a quicker and better website. This makesĀ ukĀ the 16th LGD site.

LocalGov Drupal has recently become an Open Digital Cooperative, a new not-for-profit cooperative that supports and developsĀ LocalGov DrupalĀ since January 2023.Ā LocalGov DrupalĀ is a community of digital leaders, developers and content Designers from local councils across the UK. They work together to produce a best-practice web publishing platform that is freely available to all participating councils. It helps councils deliver a better digital experience for their citizens while simultaneously saving money for vital frontline services.Ā 

Local Gov Drupal is known for being highly cost-effective, as it can reduce the cost of building a council website by up to 80%.

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