Drupal: The Best No-Code/Low-Code Tool


Coding is a tiresome job and sometimes it can act as a barrier for developers to attain their needs. There comes the role of no-code / low-code tool which allows users to build their websites with minimal coding and depending more on user interface.

There are many tools available in the tech world that help people develop their web pages without much knowledge of coding. Drupal stands-out among them “as an enterprise-first CMS, it has always strived to cater to less technical users who needed to create more complex digital experiences.” Writes Tim, Content & Community Manager, in his article published in agiledrop.com

One of the main issues of modern no-code / low-code tools is lacking support for third-party integrations, as the functionality is very often limited to the core features of the platform.

Writes Tim.

But Drupal is free from this issue as it is particularly streamlined for integrating with various third-party tools thanks to its strong API support.

Tim also explains how Drupal works well as a no-code / low-code tool, read more…

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