Is Drupal a Powerful Content Management System?

Initially, building a website and managing content was a job that was limited to web developers. A ton of coding and content segregation was involved, and these tasks required a heavy set of skills. Since the emergence of UI-based drag-and-drop website construction, things have been efficient, with control over content deemed handy.

Drupal stands out as an efficient Content Management System (CRM). It is due to the flexibility of managing content through admin UI. Drupal is a platform that can be integrated with other systems to build functionality and workflows around your content. As referred to as a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Drupal offers a content architecture that is reusable, adaptable, personalized, and translatable.

Suzanne Dergacheva, Co-Founder of Evolving Web, is a Drupal expert and trainer. She is ambitious about the future of Drupal as a platform for creating and maintaining content strategy. In her article written at, she writes about why Drupal is the future of content strategy.

So how does Drupal position itself when talking to marketers?

Drupal's core strength is still its flexible content architecture. It means that it's an ideal platform for implementing a content strategy and content governance plan. These are two things that plenty of organizations are missing. They are also the reasons marketers adopt a platform like Drupal.

writes Suzanne.

Drupal is growing swiftly with new features focusing on becoming a low-code/no-code platform that everyone can rely on. The latest updates on Drupal can be followed here.

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