Irish Local Authorities Shift to LocalGov Drupal

 Tipperary, Ireland

Drupal is gripping its hold in the UK and Ireland. In a recent update, Irish local authorities have decided to give refreshments to their websites and take full advantage of LocalGov Drupal. Tipperary County Council is the first to upgrade its CMS to provide site visitors with a new digital experience.

Drupal pTools are becoming the most popular CMS for building council websites in the UK and Ireland. In 2022 Tipperary County Council joined the LocalGov Drupal project, adding Irish language translations and the Irish Service Catalogue to the available features. Along with Irish, Welsh also was made available as a translation language for LocalGov Drupal sites. Now they are going forward with implementing Drupal CMS in their website.

In another Drupal LocalGov implementation project, Code Enigma has migrated 8 Drupal sites of North Yorkshire County Council, UK, from version 8 to 9. They also set up LocalGov Drupal distribution in the public sector websites of the county.

Why LocalGov Drupal?

LocalGov Drupal was initially started in the UK by councils who realized that if they shared the code for their websites, they could use the money they would have spent on the basics for additional features that hadn’t been developed yet.

This is similar to the Irish Government’s Build to Share initiative - led by the Office of the Government’s Chief Information Officer. This initiative identifies several commonly used processes or applications across Government and streamlines and digitizes them.

Because all councils generally offer the same services to the people using their websites (residents, business owners, tourists etc.), they realized they could accomplish more by pooling their resources and sharing the code that each council pays for rather than working in silos and each council developing similar code independently.

The LocalGov Drupal code, like that of its Drupal platform, is open-source. This means that it is free to use – it’s already been paid for by councils that have gone before them. It also means that councils save money on the foundations of a website – up to 80% in terms of website costs – and can instead channel their resources into building new features.

(Sourced from Annertech)

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