Promet Source February Training

Promet source is known to hold Drupal training frequently. This month they commence from February 06 to February 10. Last month, too, there were ample training sessions with a solid syllabus to keep your Drupal Dreams running. Similarly, the month of February is jam packed with a plethora of training sessions. All these are online training for you to complete in the comfort of your home. So, if you plan to begin your Drupal journey in February and seek quality training, Promet source got you covered.

1. Drupal Front-End Development

This 3-day hands-on training from February 06 to February 08 covers the fundamentals for front-end development in Drupal 9.

2. Drupal Developer Immersion

This five-day course from February 06 to February 10 is designed as an introductory overview of Drupal development. Topics covered can also provide essential perspectives and guidance for current Drupal developers looking to leap to Drupal 9 from older versions.

3. Drupal Content Editing/Site Building

This training introduces the essential skills for managing and editing content and configuring a Drupal 9 website. Hands-on labs will include work with Content Types, Taxonomy, Views, Menus, and many valuable modules. The course is from February 06 to February 07

4. Drupal Developer Trio

Drupal Developer Trio covers layout options and theming with Twig on Day 1, as well as basics for developing custom modules on Day 2 for anyone with a good grasp of Drupal site-building. The course will commence from February 08 to February 10.

5. Drupal Layout and Theming

It is a one-day course taking place on February 08. If you want to sharpen the visual aspects of your site-building skills, learn TWIG templating basics, and understand how Drupal 10 layout and theming differ from previous versions.

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