Promet Source Blog Post on Drupal Migration

With the Drupal 10 release around the corner, Drupal companies and contributors are making ways to ease the migration process. Many companies have introduced toolkits and process automation to transition into the newest version smoothly. The latest is a blog post titled 'How to Prepare Your TEAM for a Drupal Migration' by Danita Bowman, published on Promet Source's blog on November 15, 2022.

Promet Source is a web development services provider and website designer in Chicago, Illinois.

This blog post stresses the efficient ways to migrate from Drupal 7 to 9 or 10, given that there are differences between Drupal 7 and subsequent versions. Understanding these key distinctions is the first step in the migration workflow. 

The blog post stresses topics such as knowing the capabilities of layout builder for on-page flexibility, understanding twig, learning about object-oriented programming, and learning about enhancements to content editing in Drupal 10 with the upgrade to CKEditor 5.

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