Upcoming Interview with Aubrey Sambor

Aubrey Sambor

Drupal Camp Florida is around the corner! As an in-kind sponsor, we are looking to receive a few interviews from the members of the Florida Drupal Camp. You will be able to read about the speakers' Drupal journey, what their training and session will comprise, and a little insight into their tech journey. Most of these interviews are conducted via slack or email by the TDT team.

In my career, who you know has been almost as important as what you know, and I believe attending Drupal camps and conferences is the best way to meet more people in the Drupal community

Says our latest interviewee in her most recent Interview with TDT. We are excited to announce our next Interview with Aubrey Sambor

Aubrey is a Lullabot Senior Front-end Developer who enjoys building accessible websites with clean and current CSS. For her, being a senior front-end developer entails taking on a mentorship role and assisting others in learning and growing. In this interview, she discusses a lot about her experience and love for CSS. Aubrey will also be taking over a session at the Florida DrupalCamp 2023 that will cover a whole lot about CSS.

In this interview you read about how Aubrey was introduced to making her own websites as a teen, the evolution of HTML and CSS through her own experience, and the benefits of engaging in camps like FLDC! Stay tuned for the interview to be released on 15th February 2023.

Note: The vision of this web portal is to help promote news and stories around the Drupal community and promote and celebrate the people and organizations in the community. We strive to create and distribute our content based on these content policy. If you see any omission/variation on this please let us know in the comments below and we will try to address the issue as best we can.

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