A11y Talks: Next Generation of Automated Testing

The A11yTalks team has announced their upcoming online discussion about the next generation of automated testing, featuring Cezary Tomczyk, Founder of SiteLint on 7 Mar 2023 at 21:30 EST.

Cezary has revolutionized the remediation process for accessibility quality testing, emphasizing the importance of user behaviour. He will delve into the new technology and its unique approach, which goes beyond traditional server-side crawling and data analysis.

In addition to automated testing, Cezary has also redesigned the manual testing process to be a part of this innovative technology. This combination of automated and manual testing is essential for ensuring comprehensive web accessibility, especially for larger web apps or sites. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from the founder of SiteLint himself and learn all about the next generation of automated testing.

A11yTalks is dedicated to promoting community discussions on a variety of accessibility issues. With our roots in Drupal, our guest presenters cover topics from the heart of Drupal to the larger online community. Each month the A11yTalks team selects a guest presenter to join us for an hour to share their expertise and experiences with the larger online community.

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