Know the Features of WebProfiler 10.0.0

WebProfiler module was introduced as solution to the time-consuming task of profiling Drupal site data
Web Profiler

WebProfiler is a handy Drupal module. It has helped developers to understand how Drupal internals work effectively. SparkFabrik has published a new blog on WebProfiler and its latest update. The company, based in Milano, Italy, is a prominent Drupal service provider.

Luca Lusso, Lead Developer at SparkFabric, writes the blog. It dives into the new features recently added to the module. 

The WebProfiler module was introduced as a solution to the time-consuming task of profiling Drupal site data. The WebProfiler module streamlines the profiling process by providing a graphical user interface that displays information about the site’s performance. Version 10.0.0 is the module’s latest version. This version was released in December 2022.

According to the blog, version 10.0.0 is fully compatible with Drupal 10. Many new module features are under development and will be released soon. Version 10.0.0 comes with some changes to the theme data collector and the view data collector. The request data collector dashboard has undergone a massive overhaul. A new log data collector is also now implemented. This feature enables the collection and display of all logs that are written during page generation. 

Enabling WebProfiler significantly improves Drupal’s error page. The page becomes more informative and useful, like the example given below.

Web Profiler

Details, including the lines of code that caused the error and the stack trace, are now displayed.

With the release of version 10.0.0, the WebProfiler module has become even more useful, the blog post says. To get the module’s source code, see the open issues and contribute to the module development, click here.


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