Acquia Hosting EvolveDrupal in May

Acquia is conducting EvolveDrupal,  a full-day event dedicated to connecting, learning, and inspiring. The scheduled dates  in Montreal, Canada. This will be an in-person event.  This event is said to be directed towards developers, designers, or project managers from the public or private sector. There will be 45-minute presentations as well as 5-minute EvolveUX-style sessions for projects and case studies.

EvolveUX style sessions are where ten people will get five minutes to present their most recent projects or prototypes and solicit UX input from the crowd. (The deadline for evolveux demo suggestions is May 19th.) In this event you will learn about the future of web development, exchange knowledge from previous projects, increase networks, and grow as a professional community.

The event will have 12 expert lectures in both French and English regarding accessibility, content strategy, frontend, decoupled, devops, and UX and UI design.

The deadline for session suggestions is tomorrow, Wednesday, May 10, at midnight. If you would like to contribute and conduct a session, please fill out the speaker submission form and mail it to Maya ([email protected]). 

The following themes will be investigated:

  • Migrations from Drupal 10
  • Design and discovery
  • Best practises for accessibility
  • Higher education project nuances

Speakers like Suzanne Dergacheva, Co-Founder of Evolving Web, Martin Anderson Clutz, Acquia's Senior Solutions Engineer, Simon Morvan, Evolving Web's Director of Technology, and Jesse Dyck, Evolving Web's Solutions Architect, among others will be presenting. Refer to the Drupal. Org event page for more details and registration.

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