Evolving Web's Article on the New Symfony 6.2 Tech Stack

Symfony / https://github.com/symfony/symfony

A blog post published by Evolving Web explores Drupal 10 and its integration with Symfony 6.2 framework. the new PHP framework brings significant enhancements to the Drupal tech stack. The article throws light towards the importance of Symfony as the underlying framework for Drupal and how it contributes to Drupal's robustness and flexibility. It discusses the decision to align Drupal 10 with Symfony 6.2, which provides new features, improved performance, and long-term support.

The blog post goes into the technical details of the new tech stack in Drupal 10. According to the article the following are the best features of Symfony 6.2 among others:

  • PSR-4 Route Loader
  • More Built-In Attributes
  • New UID Features
  • Better Debugging Commands
  • Redesign of Profiler

The post explains how these tools contribute to the developer experience and make it easier to build and maintain Drupal websites.

Furthermore, the blog post addresses the importance of readiness and compatibility for Drupal 10. The article also emphasizes the significance of evaluating contributed modules and custom code to ensure compatibility with the new tech stack and suggests utilizing automated testing tools like Upgrade Status and Rector to assist with the upgrade process.

In conclusion, the blog post provides an overview of the new tech stack in Drupal 10, focusing on the integration of Symfony 6.2. It highlights the benefits and improvements brought by Symfony, Twig, and PHPUnit. The article serves as a helpful resource for developers preparing for the transition to Drupal 10, offering insights and recommendations for a smooth upgrade process. The article is part of Evolving Web's Hands on with Drupal 10 series. Click here to read the blog post.

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