Palantir Discusses DrupalCon in a Podcast; Tips and Tricks For New Con Attendees

On a recent podcast session hosted by George DeMet, the founder and Co-CEO, along with the guests, discuss the upcoming DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023,  what they're looking forward to, and gave a few tips and tricks for those who are new DrupalCon attendees. The discussion began with George DeMet introducing the topic of discussion and the introduction of the guests present on the Podcast. 

The podcast conversation revolved around the upcoming DrupalCon Pittsburgh event, scheduled for June 5th through 8th. DrupalCon is described as a gathering of individuals from around the world who are part of the Drupal community. It offers opportunities for socializing, learning, networking, and having a great time. The podcast brings together members of the team who will be speaking at DrupalCon. They discuss what they will be presenting, their anticipation for the event and what they look forward to most. The conversation emphasizes the inclusive and welcoming nature of DrupalCon, likening it to a summer camp reunion where people reconnect and make new connections.

Overall, the podcast episode gives a preview into DrupalCon Pittsburgh, highlighting its significance as a social occasion and a platform for knowledge sharing within the Drupal community. The speakers express their excitement for the event, emphasizing the value of networking, the relaxed atmosphere, and the opportunity for  newcomers to feel welcomed and engaged.

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