Alex Moreno Joins Drupal Association, Strengthening Global Hiring

The Drupal Association has announced the addition of Alex Moreno to its team, a significant step in the organization's ongoing commitment to becoming more globally diverse. With an impressive background in the Drupal Community and a wealth of experience in software engineering and artificial intelligence, Moreno's arrival brings a fresh perspective to the association.

The announcement was published in Drupal Association's blog yesterday. 

Alex Moreno, renowned for his contributions to the Drupal ecosystem, holds a degree in Software Engineering specializing in Artificial Intelligence. For the past ten years, he has resided in London, where he served as a consultant and Technical Architect for prominent enterprise companies, representing esteemed organizations such as Acquia, Pantheon, The BBC, and Capgemini.

Intriguingly, Alex Moreno's interests extend beyond software development. His passion for journalism, communication, and marketing led him to embrace a developer relations role over the last twelve months. As part of the Drupal Association's engineering team, Moreno will be involved in various projects to enhance the Drupal platform.

A self-proclaimed digital nomad, Alex splits his time between Madrid and his hometown near the Mediterranean Sea in Santa Pola. In Santa Pola, he indulges in his love for aquatic activities, including windsurfing, kayaking, and sailing small dinghies, relishing the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, when residing in Madrid, he swaps his sea-related pursuits for CrossFit and weightlifting, expressing his dedication to physical fitness.

The Drupal Association is elated to have Alex Moreno join their team, recognizing the immense value he brings with his technical expertise, dedication to the Drupal ecosystem, and versatile skill set. With a more global outlook on their hiring practices, the Drupal Association aims to foster an inclusive and diverse community that thrives on the talents of individuals like Moreno.

As Moreno settles into his role, the Drupal Association eagerly anticipates the impact he will make on the organization and the wider Drupal Community, expecting his contributions to propel the platform's growth and innovation in the months and years to come.

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