Streamlining Notifications: Exploring the DANSE Drupal Module

10 August, 2023

In the latest blog post, Sebastian Hagens dives into the capabilities of the DANSE Drupal module, highlighting its potential for constructing a user-oriented subscription model for notifications and a notifications centre. The primary aim is to dispatch notification emails to members whenever new links (nodes) are posted on While a basic code approach might suffice, the complexity escalates when handling diverse notification categories. Enter the Drupal DANSE module, a flexible solution that provides a universal method to tackle this complexity.

The blog takes a systematic approach, guiding readers through the installation and configuration process step by step. After installing and enabling the DANSE module along with relevant submodules, the author speaks about event configuration. An event object is introduced, and stored as a content entity, enabling users to create their own event listeners or configure events through the module's UI.

It further explores subscription settings, highlighting how subscriptions are stored as user data in the database table. The DANSE module introduces tabs on the user profile page for managing subscriptions and notifications, allowing users to subscribe to configured events. Notably, the author also discusses the handling and delivery of notifications.

The module generates notification objects and notification action objects as content entities, which need to be delivered through a configured method. As a solution, the author follows DANSE's recommendation and integrates the Push Framework module for notification delivery.

Intriguingly, the article burrows into the prospect of mobile (web) push notifications with the OneSignal service, exploring the feasibility of integrating push notifications into the Progressive Web App module.

For an extensive read into the topic, kindly go through the blog post.

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