2023 Women in Drupal Awards: Nominate Outstanding Trailblazers

31 August, 2023

The winner of last year's Women in Drupal Award in the Build category, Surabhi Gokte, is now stepping up to empower others. With her impactful contributions to the Drupal community, Gokte extends an invitation to everyone to nominate exceptional female trailblazers for the 2023 Women in Drupal Awards, scheduled to take place in Lille.

Having left an indelible mark on the Drupal landscape, Surabhi Gokte understands the importance of recognition within the community. This year, she embraces a new role as an advocate, urging individuals to take an active role by nominating deserving women for the 2023 Women in Drupal Awards.

The Women in Drupal Awards serve as a platform to celebrate and honour the accomplishments of women within the Drupal community. Through its spotlight on exceptional talent and influence, the awards contribute to fostering diversity and vibrancy within the Drupal ecosystem.

With the nominations now open, Gokte encourages members of the Drupal community to actively participate in this opportunity. Whether through contributions to code, community engagement, leadership, or other impactful means, the Women in Drupal Awards aim to acknowledge and uplift the roles these women play.

With a mere five days remaining before nominations close, now is the time to submit nominations for the women who have made a substantial impact within the Drupal ecosystem. The awards ceremony, anticipated to be a highlight of the upcoming Drupal event in Lille, will commend and honour the winners for their dedicated contributions.

To nominate an exceptional female trailblazer and participate in recognizing her achievements, visit https://t.co/cdCgy2xlqS before the deadline.

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