Surabhi Gokte

Women in Drupal 2022 Award winner | Humanist blended with agnosticism | Cold coffee lover | Certified Kathak Dancer | Drupal Community Contributor Non Code

Surabhi Gokte is the Events Lead at Axelarant. Formarly, she was a Community Manager at Srijan. Has been on Drupal for over 7 years. She has been a Drupal Social Media team member, DrupalCamp lead organizer and DrupalCon volunteer coordinator. 

She has been an active contributor to Drupal events like DrupalCons, DrupalCamps and even organized the Drupal 10 Global Porting Day. She has been credited ffor 180 issue fixes and has helped maitain projects like Form Submission Timeout. 

She has contributed Drupal patches, modules and documentation. She has also contributed to the Drupal issue queues.


Axelerant is a global technical implementation company creating digital experience platforms for clients. They deliver their services through managed staffing and projects, product engineering, and flexible support. They have over 200 Drupal enterprise deliveries and 15 digital Drupal agency partnerships. Axelerant offers in-depth implementations and integrations with Drupal with front-end, quality assurance service area capabilities, and DevOps. They help with Drupal migration, Decoupled Drupal, personalization, content authoring, and more. Axelerant team members commit to core p...

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