Development of Drupal with the Evolution of DevOps

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Rapid advancements in software development have prompted organizations to continuously seek ways to enhance the quality and stability of their software. A pivotal moment in this pursuit was the emergence of DevOps, a methodology that harmoniously brings together the software development team (Dev) and the IT operations team (Ops) into a unified entity. Matthew Ramir, Lead Backend Developer at Bounteous, explains in a blog post by Acquia that prior to the adoption of DevOps, Dev teams primarily focused on coding, while Ops teams managed deployment and infrastructure.

This demarcation often resulted in limited visibility and collaboration between these two vital teams, leading to friction in the software development lifecycle. However, the introduction of DevOps has revolutionized this domain. It seamlessly merges Dev and Ops, aligning perfectly with agile development principles. This synergy empowers organizations to achieve swift, reliable, and continuous deployments for Drupal sites. DevOps also places significant emphasis on automating critical processes, ensuring efficient code validation and deployment. Acquia's Code Studio, a potent CI/CD toolkit, encapsulates these best practices and streamlines the DevOps workflow, making it more accessible and efficient.

Fundamental to the success of DevOps in Drupal development is the maintenance of consistent environment configurations across various development stages. These stages include Dev, Test, Live, CI/CD, and local environments. Ensuring that servers and development environments employ identical software versions and configurations enhances confidence in the performance of code changes. 

Developers can take advantage of cloud-based, consistent development environments through Acquia Cloud IDE. Automated testing tools such as Behat and PHPUnit play a pivotal role in verifying code correctness and execution. In essence, DevOps empowers Drupal projects with the speed of development and heightened stability. Have a detailed read about DevOps here.

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