Shape Drupal's Future: Join Board Elections 2023 & Cast Your Vote

The Drupal community is abuzz with excitement as the annual elections for the Drupal Association board are set to kick off in just one week! This is your chance to make a real impact on the future of Drupal, so don't miss out.

If you're not already a member of the Drupal Association, now is the perfect time to join the cohort of individual members and get ready to cast your vote. Your participation in these elections is essential for shaping the global community that drives the Drupal project forward.

Here's a quick reminder: To be eligible to vote, your Drupal Association membership must be active a full 24 hours before voting opens, which is set for 00:00 UTC on September 11th. So, become a Drupal Association member today and ensure your voice is heard in this critical decision-making process.

By participating in the board elections, you're not just voting; you're actively contributing to the direction and future of Drupal. Your support matters, and your vote can help shape the Drupal landscape.

Mark your calendar, set your alarm, and prepare to be a part of the Drupal Association board elections on September 12th. Together, let's continue to drive Drupal forward and make a difference in the world of open-source technology.

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