Pantheon and ImageX Media Team Up to Offer Free Drupal 10 Migration Ebook

free ebook

Pantheon, a prominent WebOps platform catering to Drupal and other CMS’s, has collaborated with ImageX Media, a specialized digital agency focusing on Drupal solutions, to offer a valuable free ebook packed with essential insights and best practices for a smooth transition to Drupal 10. With the impending end-of-life for Drupal 7 and Drupal's ongoing evolution, this partnership aims to assist Drupal website owners in effectively planning and executing their Drupal 10 migration, ensuring that their websites remain secure and perform optimally.

The ebook available for download at no cost from their website, serves as an extensive guide for Drupal users contemplating a move to Drupal 10. It encompasses crucial information, expert guidance, and practical tips to facilitate a successful migration process. This collaboration underscores Pantheon and ImageX Media's dedication to supporting the Drupal community and empowering website owners with the knowledge and tools necessary for a streamlined and efficient Drupal 10 migration. For more details visit the website.

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