Free Drupal Course at DrupalGovCon by Promet Source

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Exciting news has surfaced for attendees of the upcoming Drupal GovCon event in Bethesda. Promet Source, a prominent figure in the Drupal community, has announced a valuable offering. They will provide a free course tailored for individuals new to Drupal. This course promises to be a golden opportunity for those eager to immerse themselves in Drupal and gain insights into questions they might not have thought to ask. The event is scheduled for November 01 and 02, making it a must-attend for anyone looking to expand their Drupal knowledge.

The announcement, made by Promet Source via social media, has generated significant buzz within the Drupal community. With DrupalGovCon just around the corner, the prospect of a free course has garnered attention from newcomers and seasoned Drupal enthusiasts. This initiative reflects Promet Source's commitment to fostering Drupal expertise and creating a platform for knowledge-sharing within the community. For more information, visit the website.

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