Time to Migrate: Why Drupal 7 Users Need to Act Now

30 September, 2023
Migrate from Drupal 7

Oomph has published a practical perspective by Ben Hamelin on why initiating the migration process for websites still running on Drupal 7 is imperative. In the article "Still on Drupal 7? Here's Why (and How) To Migrate Now" in Oomph, Hamelin addresses the common factors that might have delayed migration efforts, such as competing digital projects or the perceived complexity of the undertaking. The article outlines three compelling reasons to begin migration now, emphasizing the need for a structured approach.

The first point highlights the time-intensive nature of website migration, especially for complex sites. The analogy of two boats changing course illustrates that larger, more intricate sites necessitate a substantial timeframe for migration. Factors influencing the timeline, including theme development, custom code, and module migration, are discussed. The article underscores the importance of building in time buffers to avoid potential security gaps during the process.

The second reason centres on site performance. While Drupal 7 offers security coverage until 2025, staying on this version may limit access to PHP 8 compatibility and newer features available in later Drupal versions.

For instance, they won't be able to get the benefits of:

  • the layout builder,
  • workspaces,
  • accessibility improvements,
  • API-first architecture,
  • Twig templating, and
  • SaaS offerings.

Furthermore, the diminishing support and activity in the Drupal 7 community are noted, highlighting the importance of staying current with evolving digital standards.

The final point underscores the importance of migration in enhancing the sanity of website management teams. It addresses common pain points faced by teams struggling with Drupal 7 limitations, technical debt, support issues, and project delays. The article suggests promptly initiating migration can alleviate these challenges and lead to a smoother site operation.

A formal tone is maintained throughout the article, offering readers a practical and informative perspective on the imperative of Drupal 7 migration. It emphasises a strategic approach to ensure a successful migration that aligns with business goals and offers an improved web presence. Read more here.

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